Diversity brings creativity and innovation.

Over the past several months, the world has shifted to a hybrid workplace; mixing private and work life and setting new ways of “living”.

People adapted and welcomed the company and work into their home. Now it is time for the companies to adapt even more and welcome peoples’ lives into their structure.

It is all about a positive human experience between people and companies to achieve greater success.

Our Team

  • Arthur Cherubini

    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Ghislaine Couvreur

  • Nele Dael

    R&D Manager & Ethic Committee Coordinator
  • Igor Ievsiukov

    Product Manager, DPO/InfoSec
  • Hugo Schildknecht

    Project and Customer Experience Manager
  • Nick Mathot

    Business Development Manager
  • Olegs Nikisins

    Machine Learning Manager

The team is supported and governed by an experienced board of directors, scientific advisory board and ethics committee.​


Vima has been founded in 2015 by Dr. Raphaël Héraïef. Raphaël is a physician by training, but has been fascinated by Behavioural AI technologies after Meeting Prof. Gatica-Perez, already while finishing his medical studies. After creating a first company active in Human Ressources (Unono), he started the Vima project, as a spinoff from the IDIAP Research Institute in Martigny, Switzerland. His enthusiasm and conviction led to the company doing its first round of financing in 2019. After working for two years as the CEO of the company and as a board member, he is now pursuing other entrepreneurial project but is keeping close ties with Vima. Raphaël has been instrumental in the development of Vima’s technology and product, as well as the other projects that the company is pursuing.​

Our Partners


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  • “Using Vima’s behavioral assessment tool powered by advanced AI technology in our outplacement process gives us the chance to assess personality traits and soft skills as perceived by others. The user experience is great, the process to record a self-presentation video is fast and easy and the results so quickly available, that it feels as if it were realtime.”

    Roland Bartl

    Principal Consultant Career Management, Talent Solutions ManpowerGroup AG - Right Management
  • “I had the chance to test this solution a few weeks ago and it has been a pleasant surprise. The system is easy to use and efficient – it only takes a few minutes for it to analyse your voice, facial expressions, body language and words before giving you a convincing estimate of your personality traits and soft skills. I was amazed by the level of accuracy of the results! Most of the observations really seemed to match me and I found the additional information valuable. The option to download the results is also a nice addition. I recommend anyone to give it a try!”

    Joy Oppliger

    UX Designer at Logitech


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